About Me

The Hair Clipper ExpertDear visitor, thanks for visiting and checking out Hair Cutting Tools

Geoff Magee here and I decided to start this website to try and help out people who are thinking of cutting their own hair or their family’s hair at home. The one thing I know for sure is that if you go down that road, then you will save a lot of money, in a very short space of time.

That is not to mention the amount of time you will save waiting at the barbers, or having to have the usual fight to get them to the barbers. When it comes to buying your first set of hair clippers I would recommend going with something at the mid-range price.

Avoid any of that cheap nonsense and there is no need to spend hundreds either. You can get a really good set for about £35-50 and these will last for ages.

If you have never cut hair before then you may initially be a little nervous, but with just a little practise you will be surprised how quickly you develop a routine and get good at it.

There is a lot of utter nonsense talked about which hair clippers for men are the best and I couldn’t find a single place where this was all pulled together. That is why I have made the Hair Cutting Tool’s website so as you can find anything you need in one place.

I have put together a hair clipper buying guide and a few comparison tables so as you can see at a glance the information that you actually need based on reviews from people who have actually bought the product. That way you will be able to easily see what is available, what the prices are and also a snap shot of the ratings.

I have also included many reviews on the leading products which is useful for people who like a lot of detail.

Hairdressing Accessories

I have also added a few pages about the different items that you can get that will help with the whole hairdressing experience. These are things like capes to keep the hairs from falling on your clothes or down the back of your neck. I have also looked at some of the best hairdressing scissors around. You can check that those hair clipper accessories here.

I will continue to add to the site, but please enjoy your visit and I trust that you find this information useful and helpful.