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What To Eat for Healthy Hair

What to Eat for Healthy HairOur hair grows best when the scalp is healthy, and producing the right types of oils. Hair grown like this has a natural healthy and shiny look. Your diet plays a huge part in the quality and the quantity of the oil produced in the scalp. In this article we take […]

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5 Tips To Promote Healthy Hair

5 Great & Simple Tips to Promote Healthy HairIn this useful article, we offer you five great suggestions and tips, that will ensure that you actively promote healthy hair. Let’s face it we all want to look good, and the first thing most people see is our hair. By following these 5 simple tips, you will […]

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Best Babyliss Hair Clipper UK Reviews

Best Babyliss Hair Clipper UK Reviews 2020 The Babyliss BrandThe Babyliss brand have been around for a very long time. They have worked with salons and stylists and have perfected its professional hair styling expertise. As such they have developed products and technologies that meet professional requirements: performance, precision and protection define their products. They are a […]

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Sminiker Quiet Hair Clippers Review

These affordable hair Sminiker clippers are recent to the UK market place, and they are getting some really good reviews. That is why we wanted to include them here at the Hair Cutting Tool’s website. As you can see from the image above, this is a nice complete set, with all the parts and tools […]

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Remington HC5035 Colour Cut Hair Clipper Review

My Review of the Remington HC5035 Colour Cut Hair Clipper – UK Review 2017This Remington clipper is one of the most popular , low cost, clippers on the market. The idea behind this low cost clipper kit is that all the combs are coloured coded so that you cant easily get mixed up and use the wrong cutting […]

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HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb Review

The HairMax LaserComb Advanced is being classed as yet another medical breakthrough in the hair growth and hair loss marketplace. According to the manufacturers, this particular device has been tested and proven to re-grow hair for more than 94% of the people who used it.  I think it is refreshing to see that at least […]

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Best Hair Growth Supplements for Men

In this article we take a much closer look at the many hair growth supplements on the UK market. There are plenty of these made by different brands. Do any of them really work? The only good news about buying these types of supplement, is that they are relatively cheap. That means they might be […]

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Best Selling Hair Clipper in the UK

The Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper HC5450-83 with DualCut Technology uses a set of titanium blades and is also ideal for cordless use. These key features along with a competitive price of just under £40, make this model from Philips the best selling set of hair clippers in the UK. This one is best known for […]

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Best High End Aftershave

Best High End Aftershave In this article we are going to show you, what we think are the very best high end aftershaves. There are of course lots of these cologne style products on the UK market. Only a few though would be classed as being “high end.” They are expensive of course, but that […]

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Best Way to Stop Hair Loss

There are a few different ways that you can try to stop hair loss, but not all of them may work in your own individual case. The facts are that some treatments work well for some people and not for others. Sadly that means that in most cases it really is a matter of trial and error. Millions […]

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