BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer UK Review 

By  Geoff Magee

BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer UK Review

This clipper is marketed as professional grade and it really comes very close.Its one of the most highly rated corded and cordless clipper that Babyliss produce. Babyliss is a quality manufacturer and this particular model is in the middle to higher level of their clipper range and is extremely well rated . At around £39 and averaging nearly 4.5 out of 5 in the ratings , we would have to say that this is one at the higher end of the home use market.

This clipper is designed to be used for all over body use. It is a dual corded and cordless model and comes with 5 interchangeable heads for all over trimming and grooming. It also boasts a 7 position comb guide for precision trimming. a stubble comb guide and a body trimmer for virtually professional results. 

BaByliss for Men 7420U on stand

The Babyliss Brand

The Babyliss brand have been around for a very long time. They have worked with salons and stylists and have perfected its professional hair styling expertise.

As such they have developed products and technologies that meet professional requirements: performance, precision and protection define their products.

They are a French company based in Paris but also here in the UK. They have a Babyliss for Men range as well as many cosmetic products for the ladies.

They sell to 61 countries worldwide and so far have sold over 5.5 million hair styling products, 4 million hair trimmers and 2.5 million hair driers.

BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer features

  • Mains or cordless operational clipper
  • Five interchangeable head attachments for all over trimming and grooming giving professional results, including body groomer attachment, detail trimmer attachment, foil shaver attachment, precision trimmer attachment and nose and ear attachment.
  • Electro-chemically formed precision blades with an ultra sharp cutting angle for smooth effortless cutting
  • Electro-chemically formed precision blades with an ultra sharp cutting angle for smooth effortless cutting
  • Charging and storage stand
  • BaByliss for Men 7420U in use

This is one of the most highly rated clippers that we have ever reviewed. At around £39 you may not think they cost a fortune but you certainly get all the top range features for your money. At a 4.4 out of 5 rating they have the second highest rating of any clipper we have reviewed in the Babyliss range. They also have the quickest charge time at 2 hours for the longest cordless usage time of 80 hours though they will work perfectly well if connected to the mains when the battery is low.

The blades on clippers come in a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel right up to titanium and Japanese steel and this Babyliss 7420u Super groomer comes with excellent Japanese steel blades which you may not expect for clippers in this price range.

What Buyers Say About the BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer

When buying a higher priced product like this, you should expect to get a great product that gives a precise cut and is of excellent build quality. The Babyliss 7520c Super Groomer will not let you down in any way. With around 85% of users rating this clipper either 4 or 5 out of 5 it this product has one of the highest satisfaction ratings that we have ever come across. These are after all people who have bought the product, used it and then taken the time to leave a review.

Straightaway we found that nearly 7 out of 10 rated this as a 5 star product with a further 17% rating it 4 out of 5 so you can be sure its an excellent product. Slightly under 1 in 10 buyers gave it a 1 star rating and nearly all the complaints seems to be faults from when the clipper is brand new.

If you look at the overall ratings around 4/5 of all buyers stated that this clipper was excellent or very good so you would have to assume that this should be a highly recommended unit.

Video review of BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer

  • Very highly rated
  • Works while on charge
  • ​2 hour charge for 80 minutes use
  • Is a complete kit for all over body use and gives almost professional results
  • There have been a few complaints about the clipper being faulty from new

Our Summary of the BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer

-BaByliss for Men 7420U in the box

According to buyers, these clippers are really great ! With 85% of people giving them a high rating.

If this is not the one for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of hair clippers.​

Or if you like the Babyliss brand check out my Top 10 Babyliss clippers review

I can fully recommend this clipper as one of the best on the market, it will do everything you need  very well and it is definitely one of the best we have reviewed without being overly expensive. This clipper kit gets 10 out of ten from me.

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