BaByliss for Men Super Hair Clipper

Don’t you just love the names they come up with for their products? So this one from BaByliss, is known as the “Super Hair Clipper,” so let’s see if it is super or not?  Before I buy anything I do read a lot of reviews. Some people will buy simply on the brand name, so this one has a good name and it has any number of reviews.

I found over 300 at Amazon and over 200 at other review sites. That will tell you that this one does sell really well. In terms of how it is rated, it has an overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. That is a very good rating so worth having a closer look.

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Detailed Review

Let’s Start With the Price

It is worth pointing out that these have recently dropped in price. When first released these were around £60 and now they are on average around £40. That is quite a substantial drop and now makes them at the lower end of the average price you would expect to pay for hair clippers.

It is also worth noting that the majority of the reviews were written, when these were at that higher price point. People paying £60 for a product tend to expect more than people who pay £40. The current price is I think about right for what you are getting.

And Now for the Quality

These are good quality and the blades have been made from Japanese steel. You may wonder why manufacturers emphasize that, but it is simply because, Japanese steel is considered to be one of the best steels in the world. It also conjures up images of the Samurai sword and how sharp that is.

Corded & Cordless

Personally I always like to have the option for both. This one can be used when plugged into the wall, or as a cordless option, which can be really handy sometimes. It takes 3 hours to fully charge these, and from that you get just over an hour of use. They also have a quick charge option which is a 30 minute charge for 30 minutes of use.

That is pretty good when compared to other products in this market.

The Actual Cut

At the end of the day, this is what it is all about. With these clippers you can cut from Grades 1-8 and that is a nice wide range and will cover off almost any style of haircut. They also include in their set both left and right taper guides, which are very useful for shaping.

babyliss clippers and combsWhat Do You Get For Your Money?

You get the clippers of course, the adaptor, scissors, a comb, 8 comb guides, oil, the cleaning brush and a case to store them all.

You can see these on the image to the right and is what you would expect to find.

What Buyers Liked About the Super Hair Clippers

I have listed below the features that buyers regularly mentioned and really liked about this particular model of clippers.

  • They feel and look well made and very solid in the hand without being too heavy
  • The cutting blades are excellent
  • Good to have a charging light

Overall 72% of all buyers rated these as 5 star, which I have to say is impressive

What Buyers Did Not Like

I have listed below the features that buyers did not like about this particular model of clippers.

  • Most complaints seemed to be around order issues – they either didn’t receive the product on time, or they received the wrong one
  • The other complaints were that the clippers broke down after only a few issues – most people did get this resolved when they contacted Babyliss support, but it is always a bad experience when you buy something that is faulty

7% of buyers gave these a 1 star review

My Thoughts On These Clippers

Personally I have used a lot of hair clippers, but I have not used these. That is why I have not done a personal review. I have however read a lot of the available reviews so here is the overall summary.

In terms of the negative reviews, around 7-10% either got a faulty product or there was a delivery problem. If either happens to you, then you have consumer rights. Get it replaced or the right one sent out as that is your legitimate entitlement.

buy now amazon

Overall though these got very good reviews and the majority of buyers were well pleased with their purchase. They are number 7 on our list, so we think that there are 6 better ones out there. That said, they are now at a better an reduced price at £40, and overall buyers like using them.

The Babyliss Brand

The Babyliss brand have been around for a very long time. They have worked with salons and stylists and have perfected its professional hair styling expertise.

As such they have developed products and technologies that meet professional requirements: performance, precision and protection define their products.

They are a French company based in Paris but also here in the UK. They have a Babyliss for Men range as well as many cosmetic products for the ladies.

They sell to 61 countries worldwide and so far have sold over 5.5 million hair styling products, 4 million hair trimmers and 2.5 million hair driers.


I enjoy writing reviews on all the latest hair treatment products in the UK. This is a market that is always introducing a variety of new products. Check back often as I am continually updating this website, with the latest hair products.

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