Best Beard Oil UK Reviews 

By  Geoff Magee

Best Beard Oil UK Reviews 

We have looked at all the best beard oils on the market to find you the leading products . There are plenty to choose from and in general most of them are really good. You will find that some are better than others and that the most expensive is not always the  best.

Investing  in a good beard oil can help your beard in several ways. It will moisturise you skin and beard, make the beard much softer and increase its shine. It also helps to make the beard a lot easier to shape and control.

More and more men are starting to use this type of product and I can personally recommend it. Its also great that its not at all expensive and a small bottle will last quite a long time.

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Top Buyer Rated Beard Oils

Please find these oils listed below. If you click on the product name, you can go to Amazon, where you can read other buyer reviews. If you prefer we have done summary reviews, of each kit underneath the table.

We have used the average market price as an indicator only. Please note that they change regularly, so always check if you decide to purchase.


Kit Name



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After considerable research, we found that these were the best 5 on the market. Below we have done a more detailed review on each one.

No 1 Oil - Beard Oil Forest Blend

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  • Mouth watering scent
  • No more beard itch
  • Totally natural oils
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or full refund

Typical Buyer Comment

Never having used beard oil before I was a bit skeptical but this is an excellent product, very easy to use and one that definitely does what it says. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

No 2 Oil - Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

Prophet and tools beard oil picture
  • Premium unscented beard oil
  • 100% Organic
  • Gets amazing reviews
  • Kills beard itch

Typical Buyer Comment

My beard not only got softer but also looked healthier, and was more manageable. The itching of my skin stopped and the skin underneath the beard was smoother with less bumps. At first I didn't notice that much of a difference but after a couple of weeks the results started to come through. And it wasn't just the new growth but also the beard hair that was already there.

No 3 Oil - Beard Club Premium Beard Oil

beard club oil
  • Full money back guarantee
  • Includes beard comb kit
  • Leaves beard shiny and itch free
  • Fully organic oil

Typical Buyer Comment

This is my second bottle of Beard Club premium oil. It is a great beard conditioner and has proved to be a brilliant moisturiser, even on my sensitive skin. I use it most days, it lasts about 3 months. I have found it to be a much superior product to other beard oils, and certainly far better than all the mens moisturisers I have tried

No 4 Oil - Beard Oil by Brave

Beard oil by brave picture
  • Stimulates and promotes hair growth
  • Fully organic oil
  • Great smell
  • Cures all beard itch

Typical Buyer Comment

Nice shine, smells nice, makes my beard look and feel great

No 5 Oil - Arts Natural Beard Oil

arts natural beard oil
  • Fully organic oil
  • Contains Argon oil
  • Healing, hydrating formula
  • Works as an anti-oxidant

Typical Buyer Comment

Big bottle. Handy dropper. Feels great on my beard. Added bonus of putting a little on my skin has all but cleared up a decades old persistent psoriasis problem. Would definitely buy again.

How To Use Beard Oil


There is really not much more to say about these beard oils. Every single one we have shown is excellent and they all do the same job very well. I have read a lot of rubbish like "this beard oil makes your beard more kissable" ​etc. I think they have just run out of things to say

if you have a beard, use beard oil. Its as simple as that. You wont regret it!​

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