Best Hair Growth Supplements for Men 

By  Enda

In this article we take a much closer look at the many hair growth supplements on the UK market. There are plenty of these made by different brands. Do any of them really work? The only good news about buying these types of supplement, is that they are relatively cheap. That means they might be worth a try if you can afford them, and want to try and retain, or even recover your crowning glory.

Top 5 Supplements for Hair Growth

Below I have listed what the 3 most popular and highest hair supplement products are. This was based on my research of the market place in the UK. I checked what guys were buying and then looked at the reviews, left by the buyers who took the time to leave one.

Hopefully you will find this summary useful.

No 1 Choice – Biotin Hair Growth Supplement

Biotin Hair Growth SupplementWith this product, you get a full year’s supply of tablets (365) for under £17. So we can’t complain too much about value for money. The product is made in the UK so at least we know it has passed all of the regulations, and made to the highest standards available.

Overall buyers give this a 90% satisfaction rate. That is as you can imagine very high. they work by taking just one tablet a day, and that is packed with vitamin B7.

There is also a 100% money back guarantee, so really nothing to lose. If they don’t work just ask for a refund, and there will be no quibbles.

Buyers said it helped a lot with hair shredding, thickening up the hair and as a side issue, also helped with healthier and stronger nails. That is because the B7 vitamin is know to increase overall strength in the body.

For many buyers it reduced hair loss considerably, irrespective of ethnic origin.

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No 2 Choice – Biotin Hair Growth Supplement (Softgels)

If you don’t like taking a tablet, then Biotin also do this softgel. What is interesting about these is that these get even better overall ratings than the tablets above.biotin-hair-growth-supplement-softgels

Overall they have received a 96% satisfaction rating. They are priced at just under £15 for a full year’s supply. Now that is something that is certainly worth a second look, in my opinion.

The benefit of taking this type of soft gel, is that they absorb into the blood stream even faster than a tablet. That means they can get to work faster.

That is certainly the feedback from buyers. Many of them have ad outstanding results by taking these gels for around 2-3 weeks. People felt their hair was getting stronger, softer, a better shine and also increasing in thickness.

It was actually really hard to find any type of negative comment about these at all. What I did find that around 88% of all buyers rated these as a 5 out of 5 star product.

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No 3 Choice – Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins

sugarbearhair-vitamins for hair growthClearly Biotin seem to lead the way in hair growth supplements. However I did find this other brand who are also getting pretty rave reviews. The name looks a bit strange, but all buyers really liked their product.

These are very expensive. You should expect to pay around £25 for a month’s supply. Compare that to the Biotin above, and you will understand just how expensive these really are.

They get an overall 96% satisfaction rate, so buyers clearly rate these. They are 100% a vegetarian formula, designed to specifically work on hair growth. They actually do use Biotin as one of their ingredients.

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