Best Selling Hair Clipper in the UK 

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The Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper HC5450-83 with DualCut Technology uses a set of titanium blades and is also ideal for cordless use. These key features along with a competitive price of just over£40, make this model from Philips the best selling set of hair clippers in the UK.

This one is best known for its speed and as such makes it useful for men in a hurry or those who have a family. Typically this HC5450 model cuts twice as fast as any other model currently available in the market place. I think it also looks the part with its very sleek design.

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Detailed Review of the Philips HC 5450/83 Best Selling Model

For those who like a lot more detail then please continue reading below. First up the manufacturer Philips are a well known and trusted brand in the UK market. They also offer a very good customer service which gives any buyer good peace of mind. If anything goes wrong with your hair clippers, they will get it sorted for you quickly and professionally.

The video below shows these clippers being taken out of the box and explained in some detail. It is worth a watch for sure.

Carrying Case

It comes in a neat carrying case that keeps all the parts safe and secure. The case is tough and easy to open and close. Many of its competitors use flimsy cases but this one is nice and solid and will not break or fall apart.

The Clippers

Philips washable bladesThese feel nicely balanced in the hand which is always important and they do have a nice shape to them as well. Most of the settings are easy to access and almost self-explanatory, though I would always recommend going through the instructions at least once.

They also have a nice feature known as a “turbo boost” which really does increase the speed of the cutting heads. It would not be a feature that you would use all of the time, but it is certainly a very nice option to have at your disposal.

The Blades

Philips DualCut technologyThe blades are made from titanium and that makes them long lasting and tough. The way they have been designed by Philips also makes them self sharpening and that is clearly a very good thing. They are nice and sharp and when these features are all combined, this makes these blades perfect for cutting all types of hair.

You can simply wash these blades under the tap to keep the clean and free from hairs. The head of the clippers is detachable which then allows you to run the blades under the water for a quick and effective clean.

Corded and Cordless

In most cases people will use these by plugging them into a wall socket. However should you need to use them as a cordless option, then the powerful battery will last for up to 90 minutes if the battery has been charged for around an hour.

That makes them useful when travelling or even for use on holidays.

Philips Series 5000


The main clippers are very strong and they come with 24 different depth settings allowing a wide range of cutting lengths. (1 – 23 mm) They also come with a beard and hair comb that will help you also create the beard that you want.

The combs and the tips of the blade have been rounded. That really does help a lot when using these as they will then not dig into the skin. That makes for a pain free experience and is much smoother on the skin. Many of its competitors have straight or square edges and they can slightly dig in sensitive skin or the scalp. With these, there is no such problem.

Summary and Verdict on the HC5450/83 Clippers

This product has sold in its thousands. The brand is very well known, and overall they deliver very good results.

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This model is built to last and is ideal if you plan on doing family haircuts. It is not the biggest selling hair grooming product in the UK for nothing. This one has stood the tests of time, and is well regarded by buyers and users.

Hopefully this has been of some help to you. If you are still not sure this is the model for you then have at look at our review on the Best Hair Clippers Uk for a bit more info.

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  1. The Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper bills itself has the most powerful cordless rotary motor clipper on the market, plus it comes with detachable blades for easy cleaning, changing and styling versatility.

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