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By  Geoff Magee

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We have rated and reviewed the top 10 Wahl hair clippers for you and this should make it a lot easier for you when you come to making a purchase. Wahl are a very well known brand that are considered to be the choice of the professionals. They have units at the very top of the range as well as come very good models at a more reasonable price for the amateur home hairdresser.

Top 10 Rated Wahl Hair Clippers

Please note we have used average prices and average ratings which were correct at the time of publishing. These are however subject to change, so always check both before buying. We do keep everything as up to date as possible but always check out the Amazon daily offer as sometimes you can get really good discounts.

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Product Name


Average Rating


 Wahl Super Taper Pro Hair Clipper


Wahl Balding Hair Clipper


Wahl Clip N Trim new model Mains Hair Clipper


Wahl Chromepro Mains Clipper


Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper 2000


Wahl 79400-800 Colour Pro


Wahl Close Cut Hair Clipper


Wahl Performer 5537-217 Cordless Hair Trimmer


Wahl 100 Series Mains Hair Clipper Set


Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Rechargeable Trimmer Set UK Review 2017




No 1 Choice - Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper

Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper

These Wahl taper clippers come out top of the pile and are as close to what the professionals use as you can get. At around £51 to buy they get a 4.5 out of 5 rating  from actually users.

They are smooth, easy to use and will virtually last a life time. We have to recommend these clippers as "best in range."

You really wont be disappointed as these are a superb product


No 2 Choice - Wahl balding Hair Clipper

Wahl Balding hair Clipper

Hot on its heels comes the Balding hair clipper which also gets 4.5 out of 5 in the ratings and is one of the best sellers.

Strange name for a clipper but it is a super short cutting clipper which has zero cutting precision blades for those who want a really close cut. 

Its a really great clipper but its really designed to do short cutting. They do comb with a couple of combs for longer cuts though that makes them a bit more flexible.

Its also really excellent for intricate trimming and shaping of beards as you get really great control with it.


No 3 Choice - Wahl Clip N Trim ll Mains Hair Clipper

Wahl Clip N Trim II Mains Hair Clipper

A close 3rd in the list is the Wahl Clip N Trim. This unit gets 4.4 out of 5 in the ratings and comes in at around £30.

These clippers come as a complete kit. They have everything you will need to do cuts of any length and fine trims that are accurate.

Although this is third on the list, its probably one of the best all round kits for usability and value. The cut adjustment lever is particularly handy for making minor changes in length of cut without having to change combs.

You get 10 attachment combs with this kit, a barber comb and a flat top comb, along with a host of other accessories. You even get a barbers cape.


No 4 Choice - Wahl Chromepro Mains Clipper

Wahl Chromepro Mains Clipper UK Review 2017

This great is another complete kit which has everything you are ever likely to need , right down to a useful instructional DVD. 

Also, although it gets great reviews its really well priced at £27. Thousands of these have been sold and customers have rated them at 4.4 out of 5.

This clipper is virtually indestructible and has been built to last the test of time. It will cut through the thickest of hair and will last for many years.

With 26 pieces in the kit, its one of the most comprehensive we have come across in all of our reviews. There is not much you cant do with these clippers.


No 5 Choice - Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper 2000

Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper

The Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper is a good quality, mid price range clipper that rates at 4.5 out of 5 in the reviews and sells at around £52. Half way down the list is maybe not so fair for this product.

These clippers are quite a high price and that's probably the reason they are so far down the list.

There are much better value kits out there for slightly over half the price of this one. I am not saying its not a good product, its just a bit expensive compared to other equivalent models in the range

No 6 Choice - Wahl 79400-800 Colour pro Hair Clipper

Wahl 79400-800 Colour pro Hair Clipper

This is a good clipper and one of my personal favourites. It gets 4.3 out of starts in the ratings and comes in at around a very affordable £29.

They come with a colour coded range of combs that cut from 0.8 to 25mm. So that's one of the widest range of cuts on the market.

We really liked this clippers for the price. Its also extremely quiet which makes it ideal if you are cutting kids hair.



No 7 Choice - Wahl Close Cut Clippers

Wahl Close Cut Hair Clipper

At around £21, this is near bottom of the corded range. They get 4.1 out of 5 in the ratings so they are obviously well liked by users.

You just get 4 cutting combs that cut from 4mm up to 13mm so you get quite a good range.

If you want to dip your toe in a bit of home hairdressing then these are a cheap starting point

No 8 Choice - Wahl Performer 5537-217 Cordless Hair Trimmer

Wahl Performer 5537-217 Cordless Trimmer

At £8 , this is one of the cheapest clippers on the market yet it still manages to get 4.0 out of 5 in the ratings. 

It is excellent quality for the money and is the best selling cordless trimmer in the woman's trimmer section of Amazon.

You wont be able to do haircuts with this clipper, its really just for quick trims and tidy ups but at the price its a really brilliant, easy to use trimmer.

No 9 Choice - Wahl 100 Series Mains Hair Clipper Set

Wahl 100 series clipper kit

At around £13 and over 4 stars, this is one of the corded clippers in the range ,

It is a great starter clipper for anybody and at the price you really cant go wrong. That being said, don't be judging these clippers on the price. They really are a good quality product and one of the best sellers in the market.

We would definitely recommend this to anybody starting off in home haircutting.


No 10 Choice - Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Rechargeable Trimmer Set UK Review 2017

Wahl 9916 cordless trimmer

This is another very well priced cordless clipper kit.

They are around £14 and gets 3.9 out of 5 from the user ratings. It is an 11 piece kit that is an extremely big seller. There are over 3500 reviews of it on Amazon alone

It takes quite a while to get fully charged ( around 16 hours ) but you will get an hour of use from a full charge so its unlikely you will ever lose power just doing trimming and shaping


A little bit about the Wahl brand

As i have already said, Leo Wahl was the first to invent an electromagnetic hair clipper in 1919 and so the Wahl company began. They were the first to invent many other things such as the vacuum clipper in 1965 and the cordless clipper in 1967.

Wahl products are now available in around 150 countries worldwide under the brands Wahl, Moser, Lister and more recently Groom Ease, with factories in USA, Germany, China and in England.

Certainly the Wahl products are still the choice of the professionals so you can be sure of a quality product.

Hope this has given you a very quick idea of the Wahl clippers that are available to buy. I have only given you a few lines on each product on this page s if you need more info before you buy just click on the links to read the full reviews.

There are no bad clippers on this page, as its the top 10 you can get. Its just a matter of which clipper suits your needs and price range the best

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