Bio Ionic Hair Dryers UK Review 

By  Geoff Magee

Thanks for taking the time to read our review of Bio Ionic Hair Dryers. You may not have heard of this brand before but they have been around for many years now and they make a range of upmarket electrical products

I am always wary of brands I don't know but this company seem to make quality products and the are certainly at the high end of the market, going by the price. If you want the best hair dryer on the market then you will be looking at models like this.

We know you are busy and there is a lot of information in this article, so if you are in a hurry then just go straight to Bio Ionic Hair Dryer for the latest price.

At a Glance Review of the Bio Ionic Hair Dryer

Ease of Use


Build Quality


Value for Money


PIcture of a BioIonic hair dryer

Short Description of the Hair Dryer

Ok, you may have not heard of this manufacturer but that doesn't mean is not a "known brand" quailty hair dryer. I am reading reviews from buyers who say the dryer is amazing, that it cuts drying time down by around 50% and that it leaves their hair soft,light, defrizzed, and smooth, without the need for a straightener. These are not the claims of the maker but review after review from actual buyers.

There is no doubt that this dryer is top class, super light, extremely powerful yet quiet and will definitely dry your hair much quicker than any standard hair dryer.

Specification of the Hair Dryer

  • Buyers give this clippers and overall rating of 88%
  • Measures 31.7 x 31.7 x 10.4 centimetres
  • Weight 1.1Kg
  • Brushless motor is 50% more powerful than average dryer and uses 75% less energy than an average dryer
  • 10 year warranty
  • Far Infrared Heat : Yes
  • Adjustable Heat : Yes
  • Adjustable Speed : Yes
  • Cool Shot : Yes
  • Wattage Rating : 1800
  • Cord Length : 9 ft

How Online Buyers Rate this

We looked at the many online reviews for this product, by checking websites where this type of product is sold. We made a note of the buyer ratings from all of these.

Then we calculated the average buyer satisfaction score, and that is the percentage score you see just below.

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall this got a 88% buyer satisfaction rating
  • 80% of all buyers gave this a 5 star review
  • 9% of all buyers gave this a poor review

What Online Buyers Say 

We have read through the many reviews that you find online and have summarised what buyers had to say just below.


  • 90% if buyers think this is the best dryer they have ever had
  • Everybody loved how quickly it dried their hair
  • Buyers think this is a professional level hair dryer
  • 80% of buyers give this dryer a 5 star rating
  • Buyers loved the feel of their hair after using this model


  • Some buyers got a faulty product
  • Some people thought it was just too expensive

Short Video Review of the Hair Dryer

Our Verdict on this Model

  • This is the most expensive model we have reviewed
  • It will cut down your drying time by 50%
  • You are less likely to need to use straighteners
  • Easy to use and very light
  • You need to try this model to appreciate how good it is
  • If you can afford to spend this sort of money then I would definitely recommend this model

According to buyers, who we totally agree with, this hair dryer is a very good buy with over 80% of people giving it the very highest rating.

This dryer gets a very high recommendation for us. 10 out of 10 for me actually and if I could give it 11, I would! For performance, it's definitely one of the best. If this isn't the model for you then have a look at our best hair dryer reviews.

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