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Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews UK 2020

Here we review the best cordless hair clippers that are currently available on the UK market. Hair clippers can come in either corded or cordless models. Both types of models have the same basic cutting features. The only main difference is how they are powered and that doesn't really affect the cut.

The corded version plugs into the electric mains, and the battery powered or cordless versions, simply run off a rechargeable battery. Either way, owning a set will save you a load of money and with a bit of practice, will be better than heading down to the local barber or hairdresser.

It is also worth noting that most of these cordless clippers can also be used from the mains. So in effect, you get the best of both worlds and I think that's the best value. It really bugs me when a battery is low and you cant use a device so its great when it will run off the mains as well.

Recently we have come across a new clippers set , the Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper. we have not included it in our top 10 yet but its getting great reviews so its definitely worth a look. Or check our full review.

Manu using a cordless hair clipper

Advantages of Cordless Hair Clippers

The advantages of owing a set of cordless clippers may seem pretty obvious. Nonetheless, it is worth having a look at those, just so as you know all of the key benefits.

  • Freedom of Movement​ - This advantage is we think pretty obvious, but still worth mentioning. It is mainly about the freedom of movement. Corded hair clippers have an electric cord attached to them which needs plugged in. The clippers will only work when that happens. That then restricts where they can be used.The cord is usually not that long so you end up sitting, or standing somewhere close to a plug, rather than where you want to. With no cords to worry about, you can do the haircut where it suits you.
  • Convenience - Cordless hair clippers are handy for taking on holidays or overnight stays. Again you are not depending on a plug and socket being handy. Bear in mind though that the battery still needs charged and of course you might need an adapter. Most people will not need a set of clippers on a holiday. However for longer holidays or breaks, a set of these is really useful. What you need to look for is the time it takes to charge them, this can range from 2-16 hours and what length of use you will get for that charge.

So let's get started with our list of reviews of what we believe to be the ten best cordless hair clippers in the UK market right now. I have kept these reviews as short as possible but you can click on the review button and get a much more detailed description on each unit.

Here we have also ranked the top 10 rated hair clippers in the UK market today with full and detailed reviews on each model. Our reviews are comprehensive but there are also short summaries that you can read a ta a glance.

Keep in mind that they are have different features so you need to think what suits you the best.

No 1 Choice - Sminiker Quiet Hair Clippers Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

Rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars, these are our number one recommendation. With that kind of high review rating, and a price point of just under £25, these are pretty hard to ignore.

It made us take notice, and put them at the very top of our list.You get all of the items that you see above. These are great fur using on babies and children as well as adults.

That is because the rounded edge design stops the clippers from accidentally hurting or tugging at the delicate skin.

They use titanium blades and come with 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm guide combs. Adjustments go from 0.8 mm - 1.5 mm - 2 mm

These are also very minimal vibration and super quiet. That also helps when cutting the kid's hair. Better still they come with two batteries.

No 2 Choice - Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper HC5450/83

These are the best selling cordless hair clippers on Amazon UK right now. If you look at any list like this, these clippers will be on it.

That is because of the low price of around £38 and very consistent ratings of 4.1 out of 5 stars, by thousands of buyers.

They have a special technology built into them that allows these clippers to cut twice as fast as any other comparable model.

There are 24 easy length settings and a 1.5, 3 and 5 mm beard and hair combs.

The blades are made of titanium blades. You can use these as either corded or cordless.

Takes one hour to charge and that will give you 90 minutes of cutting.

The price is also affordable for many people, and these are really good quality.

No 3 Choice - Wahl Lithium Power Hair Clipper

You will always find at least one Wahl option on a top 10 list, due to their high quality of products. This model has a very high end Lithium-Ion battery. You can get 2 hours cordless use from just a 1 hour charge.

They also have a quick charging feature which can be really useful when you are in a rush. With a quick 15 minute charge, you can get enough battery power to do one full haircut.

That is about as good as it gets from any set of cordless clippers. The blades and cutting mechanisms, are classed as salon standard.

That is why you are paying the higher price tag for these Wahl clippers.

There are a number of set cutting lengths that range from 0.8 mm to 25 mm.

Buyers rate these as 4.3 out of 5 stars, and there have been plenty of buyers who have left 5 star reviews for this particular model. This one can also be used as a corded product.That makes this one a very good option for those who want to use a hair clipper at home, or take it away on a holiday or a longer break.

No 4 Choice - BaByliss Smooth Glide Clipper

Here you see a cordless clipper with a difference, you wont have seen anything like this before. This model is mid to high level in the price range and gets a very impressive 4.5 out of 5 in the review ratings.

They also have a quick charging feature which can be really useful when you are in a rush. Though at 3 hours to charge is one of the quickest chargers on the market and it will give you a full 60 minutes of use.

That is about as good as it gets from any set of cordless clippers. The blades and cutting mechanisms, are designed for multi directional cutting.

They only have combs from 1-4 so maybe that's why its down at number 4 on the list.

No 5 Choice - BaByliss for Men 7420U Super Groomer

This is a great clipper kit for £29. This model is mid to high level in the price range and gets a very impressive 4.5 out of 5 in the review ratings.

They are designed for all over body use and we rate these Babyliss clippers really highly and its not just us. Over 80% of buyers rated them excellent or really good.

These are about as good as it gets from any set for all round use. They come with 5 interchangeable heads that do body, face, head and even ears and nose.

They even come with top quality Japanese steel blades.

No 6 Choice - Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Hair Clipper

This clipper looks a bit different from the normal and comes in 6th our list. This unit gets 4.6 out of 5 in the ratings and is priced at around £31

They come come as a complete kit which gives you everything you will need to do cuts of any length and are especially good for beards and stubble.

You get a cut range from 1.5mm to 15mm and they have curved blades for a closer cut

Its very rare to get ratings like this but 80% of all buyers give them 10 out 10 in the ratings and this is very unusual. This tells us that they are actually loved by users

No 7 Choice - BaByliss for Men Super hair Clipper

Another really popular model is the Babyliss for Men Super Hair Clipper. This unit gets 4.2 out of 5 in the ratings and comes in at around £38.

These clippers are cordless and come with a quick charge facility that gets you 75 minutes of use for a 30 minute charge, They cut form grades 1-8 and have sided tapers fro more intricate work. These "super" clippers are of a very high quality and come with top of the range Japanese blades.

They are by far the best selling unit in the Babyliss range so we have to think that they are to be highly recommended even if they are only 7th on the list.

No 8 Choice - Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Rechargeable Trimmer Set

This is another very well priced cordless clipper kit.

They are around £14 and get 3.9 out of 5 from the user ratings. It is an 11 piece kit that is an extremely big seller. There are over 3500 reviews of it on Amazon alone

It takes quite a while to get fully charged ( around 16 hours ) but you will get an hour of use from a full charge so its unlikely you will ever lose power just doing trimming and shaping

No 9 Choice - Babyliss 7056CU Cordless Rechargeable 8 In 1

At around £20 and nearly 4 stars, this is one of the most popular cordless clippers in the Babyliss range.

It is a full all over body kit with attachments for ears and nose included. In total there are 22 pieces in this kit

Definitely something for everyone in this comprehensive kit and very reasonably priced for what you get in the box

No 10 Choice - Wahl Performer 5537-217 Cordless Hair Trimmer

At £8 , this is one of the cheapest clippers on the market yet it still manages to get 4.0 out of 5 in the ratings.

It is excellent quality for the money and is the best selling cordless trimmer in the woman's trimmer section of Amazon.

You wont be able to do haircuts with this clipper, its really just for quick trims and tidy ups but at the price its a really brilliant, easy to use trimmer.

Sminiker Quiet Hair Clippers Review

These affordable hair Sminiker clippers are quite recent to the UK market place and they are getting some really good reviews. This is a nice complete set, with all the parts and tools that you need to cut hair at home.

Sminiker clippers

These clippers are known for being really quiet and vibration free and thats because they have an "R-shaped" rounded edge on them. This greatly reduces the chance of any pulling or nagging of the hair. This tugging normally happens when the clippers are coming away from the hair, and hair gets caught in the teeth.

This very quiet operation makes it ideal for cutting children's hair.Another secret to the very quiet feature of this product is the titanium blade combining with the ceramic movable blade for a very efficient and quiet cut. Little or no oiling is needed with this unit,

Sminiker Quiet Hair Clippers Cordless Rechargeable Hair clippers features

  • Powerful cut, with stable and steady control. The R shaped rounded edge design prevents from accidentally hurting skin.
  • Titanium and ceramic movable blades for efficient and long term cutting. The titanium blade of the hair clipper will not get rusty. It always keeps sharp and ensures high durability.
  • With 3-6-9-12mm guide combs, now you can easily adjust the combs to the proper height. With leveled combs, you can easily trim hair perfectly even.
  • Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db, to help kids and babies feel at ease.

Ratings & Reviews of the Sminiker Hair Clippers

Buyers rate these very highly. On average they have achieved a high 4.5 out of 5 star rating, which is excellent. These are clearly good quality. 

There have been plenty of reviews, and almost all of them very really good. We definitely recommend this product for use on children as it is so quiet and has very little vibration. Though is certainly seems that they are off to a great start with customers who have bought them.

Whats in the box ?

1 x Sminiker Cordless Hair Clippers

1 x UK standard AC Power Adapter

2 x Rechargeable batteries

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Stainless steel scissors

4 x Comb Attachments

What Do You Get?

For around £25, you actually get a pretty complete set. It includes the clippers of course, 4 combs, 2 rechargeable batteries and charger, a cleaning brush, and a nice pair of stainless steel hair dressing scissors. You can see those laid out in the image at the top of the page.

In conclusion

If you are using clippers to cut children's hair then these are the clippers for you. They are extremely quiet and don't vibrate very much. They get 4.5 out of 5 in the ratings and at £25 approx. they are very reasonably priced. We can highly recommend these as a great starting off kit for home hair cutting, you wont be disappointed with the cut or the quality of these clippers.They are one of the best cordless hair clippers

Philips HC 5450/83 Review

The Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper HC5450-83 uses titanium blades and is ideal for cordless use. The great quality of this clipper along with a competitive price of just under £40, made this model from Philips the best selling set of hair clippers in the UK last year

Its cuts twice as fast as most other models and is pretty cool looking !

pjilips 5000 kit

The manufacturer Philips, are a well known and trusted brand in the UK market. They also offer very good customer service which gives any buyer a good peace of mind. If anything goes wrong with your hair clippers, they will get it sorted for you quickly and professionally.

It comes in a neat carrying case that keeps all the parts safe and secure. The case is tough and easy to open and close. Many of its competitors use flimsy cases but this one is nice and solid and will not break or fall apart.

This is a particularly handy addition, though we found that it was mainly used for storing the unit as it gives great protection and keeps the clippers like new.

The Clippers

These feel nicely balanced in the hand which is always important and they do have a nice shape to them as well. Most of the settings are easy to access and almost self-explanatory, though I would always recommend going through the instructions at least once.

They also have a nice feature known as a “turbo boost” which really does increase the speed of the cutting heads. It would not be a feature that you would use all of the time, but it is certainly a very nice option to have at your disposal.

The blades are made from titanium and that makes them long lasting and tough. The way they have been designed by Philips also makes them self sharpening and that is clearly a very good thing. They are nice and sharp and when these features are all combined, this makes these blades perfect for cutting all types of hair.

You can simply wash these blades under the tap to keep the clean and free from hairs. The head of the clippers is detachable which then allows you to run the blades under the water for a quick and effective clean.

Corded and Cordless

In most cases people will use these by plugging them into a wall socket. However should you need to use them as a cordless option, then the powerful battery will last for up to 90 minutes if the battery has been charged for around an hour.

That makes them useful when travelling or even for use on holidays.


The main clippers are very strong and they come with 24 different depth settings allowing a wide range of cutting lengths. (1 – 23 mm) They also come with a beard and hair comb that will help you also create the beard that you want.

The combs and the tips of the blade have been rounded. That really does help a lot when using these as they will then not dig into the skin. That makes for a pain free experience and is much smoother on the skin. Many of its competitors have straight or square edges and they can slightly dig in sensitive skin or the scalp. With these, there is no such problem.

Summary and Verdict on the HC5450/83 Clippers

This clippers a superb buy. The brand is very well known, and overall they deliver excellent results.

This model is built to last and is ideal if you plan on doing family haircuts. It is not the biggest selling hair grooming product in the UK for nothing. This one has stood the tests of time, and is well regarded by buyers and users.

Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper 2000 Review

The Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper 2000 has been around for a while. Those that have reviewed it really seem to like it and have given it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and that is indeed an excellent rating. It is actually the highest rated Wahl clipper in the range so its really worth a closer look.

This one is not cheap at around £51 but it has been very well made. The quality is high as you would expect from a Wahl product. The original Super Taper product was a best seller and this one is a step up from that one.

That is a tough benchmark to reach, but they have really shoved out the boat with this newer version.

wahl 2000 clipper

Wahl Super Taper Clipper 2000 Features

  • This one comes with 4 metal combs in sizes 1-4 (3 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm and 13 mm)
  • It weighs 600 grams which is very light for clippers
  • You get the cleaning oil and brush
  • Uses a v 5,000 motor which has been designed as a long life motor
  • This one does not heat up in your hand
  • Cutting width is around 40 mm

These are good all round clippers and great for doing general work. If you need to do any intricate work, usually done by hairdressers, then you will need to buy clippers with a finer and smaller blade. This set are fine though for creating a shape and for general purpose.

The blades are chrome and are easy to clip on and take off. This set is run by a powerful motor and as such there is no danger of any type of snagging. (Useful to know if you are cutting kid’s hair)

They are fast and the blades are really good quality, so you will always be able to get a good trim as and when you need it.

Please note that this is a corded product and it comes with a good long lead (about 8 feet or 2.3 metres) which should give you plenty of reach when it is plugged in.

That means you will not have to go in search of the elusive extension lead and we find that corded clippers are much better than the cordless variety in terms of power.

Whats in the box ?

1 x Wahl Super taper 2000 Cordless Hair Clippers

1 x UK standard AC Power Adapter

8 x Plastic attachments

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Large Flat Top Comb

1 x Clipper oil

Likes & Dislikes

This product has been designed to be used in salons, barbers and hairdressers. If that is why you are buying this one, then just be aware, it is not suitable for fine and intricate work. It comes with a blade guard and also has a flat top comb.

They are well made, powerful and reliable and as such we would have no hesitation in recommending these to you as a good buy and a good long term investment.

They have received and maintained a very high 4.7 out of 5 star rating, so clearly buyers are well pleased with their purchase.

They have also been really well made and they look really good as well. Many buyers describe these as being brilliant as they have been designed to last, and are not like many of the flimsy cheaper versions on the market.

As an example the combs are even metal backed, whereas on many other clippers these are made of plastic. So yes you will pay a bit more, but you are getting much better quality.

Summary and Verdict on the Wahl 2000 Clippers

This product is a really big seller too. The brand is probably the number 1 in this market, and overall they deliver very good results.

This model is built to last and is ideal if you plan on using it regularly. This one has stood the tests of time, comes with everything you could need and is well regarded by buyers and users

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this model as its one of the best cordless hair clippers we found

How to use cordless hair clippers

Hair Clipper Buying Guide

If you have never bought hair clippers before, then I would strongly recommend having a read at my buying guide, which also contains a top 10 list of the best hair clippers on the market right now. There are so many different types of clippers on the market and many standards of clipper blades.

The majority of people who purchase hair trimmers simply want to be able to cut their hair in the comfort of their own home. They may want to cut their own hair, and they may also want to cut their kid’s hair. That will help with expensive runs to the barber or local hairdresser.

Generally speaking these will be used to cut hair maybe once a month and to keep it looking neat and tidy. They are not designed for the total removal of hair, though they can be set to get close to that look if you want to.  So if you are considering buying a set of clippers, then what should you look out for in terms of the important features.

The Brand

Some people simply like to go with a well known brand name and in terms of reviews that I have read, and the ratings given to them by actual buyers, Wahl, and Philips are the best. You may find the odd Remington and BaByliss in the top 10 ratings from time to time, but in the main, Wahl are probably the best when all things have been considered.

If you have a look in a barbers you will find that around 95% of them also use Wahl.

The Body and Weight

It is easy to overlook this when you are making your decision but it is very important. Some clippers are very heavy and they feel awkward in the hand. You want to avoid any that look or feel like this. The better manufacturers put a lot of effort in to making a really nice grip.

I have completed a Top 10 table below so as you can quickly see which ones feel good in the hand.

It is all about balance and ease of use when it comes to this feature. Some are really well designed and some are just downright awful. The ones on my table below tick the right boxes.

The Blades

hair clipper bladesMost hair clipper blades are made from stainless steel, but there are still a few made from ordinary steel. A lot of the manufacturers have now started to use carbon steel blades as they are harder and as such will last longer. Some clippers will use ceramic blades and some professionals prefer that type as they last longer simply because they don’t heat up as much as steel will with regular and continued use.

It is the quality of the steel that is important when it comes to cutting and the sharpness of course. Some manufacturers have even started to use titanium blades.

How the blades are fitted and move is also very important. Most blades are now self-sharpening because of the design used. From time to time though they will need special thin oil, simply known as clipper oil, to help lubricate the blades. Using the oil also extends the life of the clippers.

1. Ceramic Blades

Its generally considered that Ceramic blades are the best on the market. They don't heat up at all so its less likely that they will warp of wear down and they seem to last the longest and stay the sharpest of any blades. Usually you will find that any clipper with this type of blade is at the top of a manufacturers range and generally they will be the most expensive.

You might also find that if a clipper has this type of blade it will be somewhere in the name of the clipper, such as Babyliss for Men Ceramic Smooth Cut

​2. Titanium Blades

Titanium blades are very popular in some of the better Philips and Braun models. These blades are harder than any of the steel alloy blades and would definitely last longer and stay sharper. You will see quite a few models with these blades such as the Philips 5000 being marketed as "self sharpening".

Really this means that they don't need any maintenance and in actual fact you wont even have to oil them. I tend to find that clippers with Titanium blades are some of the most expensive as people regard Titanium as a very high value material for some reason.

​3. Japanese Steel

Closely following behind are Japanese Steel blades. These are not far behind the Ceramic or Titanium blades and are probably the best quality steel in the world.​ There aren't that many clippers with this type of blade on the market but again you will find them at the very top of any manufacturers range and there is really very little difference in price from models with Ceramic blades.

The price of the Babyliss Super Cutter with Japanese blades for instance is with in a couple of pounds of the Ceramic Smooth Cut, though price is not always a good measure of quality when making a purchase. Don't be dazzled because something is expensive, it doesn't mean that its good.

​4. Steel Alloys

By far these are the most common blades you will find on hair clippers. There are lots of different types such as Plain steel, Stainless steel, Chrome Vanadium steel, carbon Hardened steel to name but a few. Really once you get something more than just plain steel the rest are pretty much just something slightly better that has been treated in some way to make them a bit harder and longer lasting.

So if you see blades just advertised as "steel" then you will know that this is the cheapest type of blade you are likely to get and I would stay away from them if you want a clipper that you intend to use regularly or for full hair cuts. The Babyliss 7437 for instance comes with steel blades and costs £10 so that's what you would expect to get for that price

The Guide Combs

hair clipper bladesAll hair clipping sets will come with a set of combs known as guides and will have a number on each one. That number represents a measurement of how much hair will be left on the head, after the comb has passed over the head in what is called a pass.

The bigger the number the more hair will remain. For example a No.8 comb will leave 25 mm of hair whereas a No.2 comb will leave only 6 mm of hair. If in doubt always start with the higher number and then slowly work your way down. If you ever hear someone saying, “I got a No.2 all over,” this is what they are referring to. The table below shows the standard lengths.

Barbers and hairdressers will always refer to the number rather than the measurement in millimetres.

Cutting lengths can range anything between 0.8 mm up to 25 mm

Hair Clipper Comb Guide

No of CombHair Left in mm
No 825
No 722
No 619
No 516
No 413
No 310
No 26
No 13

Taper Lever

Some but not all clippers have a taper lever. By moving this lever up and down will give you different cutting lengths without having to change combs all the time.

Length of the Main’s Lead

hair clipper bladesIn my opinion there is nothing more irritating that a lead that is too short to reach where you want to work. Most hair clippers are powered up by plugging the lead into the mains, and then into the base of the clippers. Almost always these are curly leads which are designed to allow soft movements so as you do not have to suddenly jerk the lead.

Unfortunately that can also mean that they can get tangled and that happens a lot with cheap clippers. They have to save money somewhere to be able to sell the products cheaply, and this is on area where they do that. Good quality curly leads are worth their weight in gold.

Just make sure when you are buying your product that the lead is long enough, otherwise you are into extension leads which are just a real pain.

Cordless Options

There are some that are also cordless so as you can use them without having to worry about a lead. These can also be useful if you travel a lot or for extended periods of time. In almost all cases the clippers will use batteries that can be recharged. The quality of the battery, the speed of charge, and how long the charge lasts are all important considerations.


When you turn on any clippers you will hear,  or should hear a buzzing noise. The better quality clippers will have a low quiet hum, whereas the really cheap ones will just sound like a lawnmower.


The better products will almost always come with a number of accessories. You will always get a set of clippers and a set of combs. Some of the better sets may also include, various other combs like left and right ear, barber comb, pocket comb and a flat top comb.

You may also get a cape, a neck duster, a cleaning brush and some oil. Not often, but every now and then you will also get scissors that are decent quality. If you don’t use them for anything else they will stay sharp and you need that for cutting hair.


The better quality clippers will come with a good guide and clear instructions. Some of them will also include a DVD that shows you how to use them. That I think is always a really nice touch especially for the beginner.

Its really just a matter of getting the type of clipper that suits your budget and does the type of cut that you want. We tend not to put any product we don't like on the site, so anything we review is usually a good product that will do a good job for you.

What to Spend on Hair Clippers

Now you have had a look at the most popular models you probably have a good idea what you need in your hair clippers.The next question is what do you need to spend to get the model you want?

“When you decide you are going to buy a pair of clippers, then you need to know exactly what they are going to be used for. Eg. if you are going to just be using them on yourself, say a number 3 all over, then you would want to spend somewhere in the region of £35-£65. For this price you will expect to get clippers, combs from #1 – #4, clipper oil and cleaning brush. Just a basic kit.

£10 – £30
At this price you will expect to get a corded clipper, with magnetic motors. At £10 you wont expect magic and its likely they wont last for ever but if you get up to around £25, you will find some good reliable clippers, with the accessories and features you really want.

£30 – £100
This is quite a wide price range and you’re going to be looking at cordless options, great quality and a full range of accessories. This is really where you want to be. You will find something from all the major brands who are all competing for your business, so features and quality will be high. 

So, if you are big time and always go for the best products available then here is where you will be looking.You will expect style as well as substance at this range.They will be waterproof, washable, self adjusting, have settings you can save for yourself etc etc.

Many of the professionals wont spend this type of money but if you've got it, why not go for the best!

In Conclusion

There are no bad clippers reviewed here. All of the above are of a good quality and all get very good reviews, so its just a matter of choosing which one suits you needs and your budget the best. Also some are just basic clippers and some come as complete kits so its worth taking that into consideration.

Personally I prefer a model that can be used on the mains as well as cordless as most times I forget to charge it, but I do like the clippers that charge in the stand as they are always ready to go. This is really handy as they are always charged then.

Good luck finding the clippers that suit you and make sure to take it slowly at first ! You can cut more off but you cant add it back on again. There are many videos available online that will help you get your technique right from the start. I found that after 2 or 3 attempts at using the clippers i actually got quite good at it !