How to Stop Beard Itch 

By  Enda

If you suffer from an itchy beard, then hopefully this article can really help you out. There are some things in life that are just plain annoying and an itchy beard has got to be on that list for sure.

If you are new to bread growing then this may be something completely new to you. For those who have been growing a beard for a long time, then they may well have encountered this problem many times.

In fact this problem can get so annoying that they just stop even trying to grow a beard as the itch drives them nuts. Well listen, I hear you and it doesn’t have to be like that at all. Many people start to believe that the beard has given them some type of strange skin condition, or that their skin is just not suited to beard growing.

That is NOT the case. Beard itch is a temporary problem that will go away. Just remain patient and it will disappear quite naturally.

Why do Beards Get Itchy?

It all comes down to shaving. When we shave with either an electric shaver or even with a wet shave of some kind, we run some type of blade across our face. That cuts the hairs and leaves them with sharp points. Once you decide to stop shaving to grow your beard, then these hairs (with the sharp points) start to grow out.

The hairs may then start to curl, or twist and the points can turn back in towards the face. They then stick into the skin and jab. It is this jabbing action that creates the itch. So as you can see this is quite a natural thing to happen. It may even make your skin look red and blotchy.

How Long does the Itch Last?

It will last no longer than about 6 weeks. That does however depend on how fast the beard actually grows. The faster it grows the less time the itch will last. Now I know from personal experience that it can get annoying but if you can get through the early weeks, then the problem goes away forever.

How to Help with the Itch?

Beard OilThere are two things that I would recommend doing to alleviate the annoying itch:

  1. Comb regularly
  2. Apply some beard oil

In fact if you combine beard oil with a good comb through it can do wonders to reduce the amount of itch that you get. The oil does two things to help, it moistens and softens the beard hair which helps a lot.

Secondly it also helps soothe the skin under the beard so works really well. The beard oil I have shown here has been proven to help a lot with itchiness. You just need a couple of drops of this to notice the difference. This one is called Beard Oil Forest from the Huntsman Beard Co.

It costs around £9 over at Amazon and is the best selling beard oil with a 5 star rating.

Things to Avoid

Do not use soap or hair shampoo to wash a beard. In fact that is one of the worst things that you can do. Shampoo is meant only for your hair and scalp and not for using on the skin of your face as that is a lot more sensitive.

Now I know this is obvious but try really hard not to scratch. Even though you may want to rip your face apart, try the oil and comb instead. If you know that this does eventually stop, then just have enough courage to keep going and it will end. You will then be left with a healthy looking beard.

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