Philips Series 3000 4-in-1 Waterproof Clipper UK Review 

By  Geoff Magee

Philips Series 3000 4-in-1 Waterproof Grooming Clipper

Phillips is a well known and highly respected brand that makes a wide range of electrical products. They are not that well known for making clippers but they do quite a good, if short, range of popular units. They are definitely a quality manufacturer and this series 3000 is a very big selling clipper. At around £18 and averaging 4.2 out of 5 in the ratings , it is a really superb clipper for the money.

This clipper is a cordless model that is more of a beard, side burns and quick tidy up type of unit as opposed to an all out hair clipper. Though it does come with an 18 setting hair comb so you can do hair cuts as well.

It also comes as a complete kit for head and beard. It also has a handy nose hair trimmer thrown in for good measure.

Phillips series 3000 groomer

Philips Series 3000 Hair Clipper Features

  • 4-in-1 waterproof trimmer
  • Fully adjustable with 18 separate settings
  • Self- sharpening chromium steel blades
  • Fully washable
  • 10 Hour charge time for 60 minutes use

This clipper has an extremely good rating for the money of 4.2 out of 5. Its not a traditional clipper as such but it will do nearly all types of cut and its very precise for trimming and shaping

As you know the blades on clippers come in a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel right up to titanium and Japanese steel and this Series clipper comes with self sharpening Chromium steel blades which you don't see very often in units at this price

Whats in the box

  • 1 x Clipper
  • 1 x Beard comb
  • 1 x Hair comb
  • 1 x Nose trimmer
  • 1 x Charging cable
Phillips series 3000

What Buyers Say About the Phillips Series 3000 

This is a very big selling clipper and there are lots of 5 star reviews. Buyers all start by saying that this is a good quality clipper that feels sturdy in the hand. It will cut hair very easily and the majority of people really liked it. They also noted that it can be used while on the cord, though Phillips don't advertise this feature

With over 6 out of 10 users rating this clipper 5 out of 5 and less than 1 in 10 users rating it quite low, we can be sure that these are a good all round clipper, especially at the price.

Straightaway we found that over 80% of actual buyers rated this as well above average product.

If we consider all the ratings and reviews, its very easy to see that this is a very good clipper for the money. It performs well above what you would expect for the price and is really well put together. We think you will get years of use out of it without much trouble.

Check out a quick video demonstration

  • Well rated
  • Good quality product
  • ​Does beard and head
  • Good cut range
  • Great for beard trimming
  • Fully washable blades
  • Works on the cord
  • Great price
  • Not much else to complain about with this clipper.

Our Summary of the Philips Series 3000 Waterproof Groomer

phillips 3000

According to buyers, these clippers are a very good buy with 60% of people giving them the very highest rating.

If this is not the one for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of hair clippers.​ 

Or if you like the Philips brand check out my Best Philips Hair Clippers Review

We think that this is a great clipper and is cheap as chips. It will do any type of cut quickly and easily and is very flexible. It scores 4.2 in the review ratings and is a best seller for Phillips.

This clipper gets a very high recommendation for us and is ideally suited for men

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