Regaine For Men Hair Regrowth Foam Review 

By  Geoff Magee

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Regaine For Men Hair Regrowth Foam is the number one best selling hair regrowth product on sale in the UK today. It contains Minoxidil and that's the active ingredient. The million dollar question is of course, does it work? We have had a look at the product and you might find the results quite surprising.

At the time of writing we were able to find it online at £30 for 1 months supply, so its well worth shopping around before you buy. The picture below shows what the makers are claiming as before and after results so if this is true then surely this product works and you can put off getting that painful hair transplant operation!

You can also get starter packs for around £20 so that might be the best way to give it a try.

Does Regaine for Men Work?

The short answer to this is that Regaine for men actually works pretty well. This was hard to believe for me but I can tell you that it will greatly reduce your hair loss and can help hair to grow back. This is not a myth, it actually works. Down side is that you need to keep using it but I guess thats not so bad.

If your hair is starting to go then I suggest you give this a try. Have a look at the reviews, see what people who have actually used this product are saying and make your own mind up. If you look at this starter pack product, out of 5000+ buyers, 60% of them gave it 10 out of 10. 

Its not a miracle product but it works pretty well. You dont get these sort of 10 out of 10 reviews for something that doesnt work.

Hair regrowth before and after picture

What does Regaine claim?

  • Clinically Proven Hair Loss Treatment
  • The "magic" ingredient is 5% w/w Minoxidil
  • This triple pack is three months supply
  • Not suitable for totally bald people
  • Works best on ages between 18 -49

I can tell you that I started this review as a total sceptic and find the claims and the picture about what it can do to be unbelievable. It seems though that it does work reasonably well for wuite a few people.

A quick video review of this product

What Buyers Say About Regaine

This sells and there are hundreds of buyer reviews on Amazon. We have summarised what the buyers think in a few short paragraphs and diagrams to save you the trouble of going through it all

Not far off half of the users rated this product 5 out of 5 and a further 19% rating it 4 out of 5, so we know that just under 65% of buyers have rated this product extremely highly. That sort of blew me away to start. Obviously this is working for well over half of the users who have bought it. So maybe there is something in it after all

Underneath I have summarised those reviews to save you the trouble of doing that. The ratings are based on a star system, with 1 being the lowest rating, and 5 being the highest. Here is a percentage breakdown of those.

Straightaway, we know that just over 6 out of 10 buyers rated this as well above average product.

If we consider all the ratings and reviews, we have to think that this product must have  something in it after all. Its a pretty good indication to see any product getting over 60% in the top two ratings as actual users are always critical of any product that they don't think is good value or that doesn't work as claimed. Overall 3.7 isn't a high ranking but this might just show that it doesn't work for everybody and the makers are quite clear that it wont.

  • Worked well for a good percentage of users
  • Affordable when on offer
  • Stops thinning hair getting worse
  • Shows regrowth for many users
  • Expensive when not on offer
  • Doesn't work for everybody
  • You need to keep using it

What is the science in Regaine foam

Our Conclusions on Regaine Hair regrowth Foam

Ok, this products works for many people. It CAN help regrow hair and it DOES stop thinning hair from getting any thinner. So I have had my opinion changed. Its not overly expensive but one of the biggest things I have learnt is that you will need to keep using this product to keep getting the results. Its well worth a try for anyone who is losing their hair and the earlier you start using it the better

Its well worth having a look at your diet too as there are several ways to avoid hair loss that are totally natural and you may as well give yourself the best chance to keep your hair as long as possible and what you eat will affect your hair more than you think. Your general health and fitness always have some affect on your body in general, as always.

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