What are the Best Hair Clippers for Kids 

By  Geoff Magee

Kids grow up extremely quickly and keeping up with them can be quite a challenge. I remember growing out of every pair of trousers I had over just one summer! Doing hair cuts at home is a great time and money saver and I often get asked what are the best hair clippers for kids?

In this article we discuss what you need to look for in these type of clippers and recommend a few different models based on what we know works best for children.

Have a quick read through the article and see what you think, though if you haven't much time I would recommend that you just go straight to Super Quiet Hair Clippers Cordless hair clippers as they are by far the best.

Best clippers for kids hair

Whats Different for Children

If your kids are anything like mine then its virtually impossible to get them to sit still for 5 minutes and if they don't like something then this just increases 10 fold and can end in tears. You need to make getting their hair cut as simple and easy as possible and this will make your life a lot easier.

Children are immediately put off hair clippers for several reasons

  • They can be noisey
  • They vibrate
  • They can pull their hair
  • They are scared they might hurt them
  • They wont like the way you cut their hair

5 Easy Steps to Cutting Kids Hair with Clippers


There are loads of instructional videos available online and they really are useful if you are an absolute beginner. This video above gives you 5 simple steps to follow and its really easy to copy the technique and get a good hair cut.

As you get a bit better you can have a look at some of the videos on styling and they will show you how to do different styles such as flat tops and crewcuts. They will also teach you how to do tapering and give you advice on what type of cut would suit what shape of face.

A few practices and you will easily dispel any fears your kids might have

What are the Best Hair Clippers for Kids

Really when you are buying a set of clippers there are various things that you should be looking for. Have a look at our Hair Clipper Buying Guide to get more information on what should be the deciding factors.

When buying clippers specifically for children there are 3 main factors

  • The quieter the clipper is the better
  • You want as little vibration as possible
  • They need to be good quality and stay sharp so they don't pull the hair

Its really as simple as that. Also keep in mind that you might use them on adults so you can get the best of both worlds then that would be ideal. The things that will make a difference for you at the Types of Clipper Blades, the quality of the unit and speed they work at.

Don't worry about doing a week of research, we have done that all for you. I have listed below the clippers that you should be considering. Its not a long list that will take you ages to go through, its just a couple of clippers that we know are exactly what you are looking for.

Super Quiet Hair Clippers

The best hair clipper for kids are the Super Quiet Hair Clippers  and they are top of the list for as far as I am concerned.

They are around £25 and come as a full kit with everything you will need and run at about 60 decibels so they are really good for the kids.

Includes a multi-cut clippers, an user manual, a power adaptor, a cleaning brush, and 4 combs: 1/8"(3mm), 1/4"(6mm), 3/8"(9mm), 1/2"£¨12mm), a rechargable battery.

These clippers are different from many other units out there, that they have an "R-shaped" rounded edge on the blades. That makes a big difference in reducing the risk of any pulling or accidental catching of the hair. Tugging normally occurs when the clippers are taken away from the hair, and happens if a hair gets caught in the teeth.

They are extremely quiet in use and that's down to a dual blade system. They come with Titanium blades and a moving ceramic blade that combine to give a brilliant cut with very litte noise or vibration. It also means they stay super sharp.

The precision motor gives very low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from noise. At around 60 db they are ideal to make kids and even toddlers feel at ease. We cant recommend these highly enough. Read our full review here

I hope this helps with your choice, I didn't want to put a whole long list of clippers on this page. If you want more information have a look at our main hair clipper reviews

Recently we have found a new brand on the market called Hatteker and they are becoming very popular for kids too. You can read our full review by clicking here or click on the picture to go straight to amazon for the latest price.

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