Wahl 79400-800 Colour Pro 

By  Enda

Wahl 79400-800 Colour Pro Coded Mains Hair Clipper KitThe 79400-800 Colour Pro remains one of the very best hair clippers on the UK market. They cost just under £29 and with over 750 buyer reviews at Amazon, you can see that there are quite literally hundreds of very contented buyers.

If you have thick hair, then this is for sure the set of clippers for you. Now don’t get me wrong this one works really well on all hair types. However many of the products out there really struggle with thick or wiry hair, but not these ones.

They are very powerful and Wahl claim they have 35% more power than anything else on the market.

If you don’t have time to read a full product review right now, then you can click here to go straight to the product page.

Main Features of the Wahl 79400-800 Colour Pro

  • Plug these into the main’s socket and the multi-cut hair clipper will cut through even the thickest hair
  • There is a unique colour coded key on the clipper and matching colour coded combs – These help provide quick identification when selecting the guide comb/cutting length you need.
  • You can adjust the taper lever to give you multiple cutting lengths without changing attachment combs.
  • These clippers offer cutting lengths from 0.8 mm to 25 mm with the use of the included combs
  • They are quiet when being used
  • They have a nice comfortable grip for easy handling
  • It also has high carbon steel blades for optimal cutting performance and they stay sharper for longer

So as you can see from the list above they have plenty of features. The colour coding is a great idea as it stops you from getting mixed up in sizes. That is one of the key benefits of buying and using these clippers.

Who Would Buy The Wahl 79400-800 Clippers?

They are ideal for families as they suit all type of hair. They are also powerful and long lasting. The colour codes make it easy to pick the right size and make sure you do not make any mistakes when cutting hair.

If you have ever cut a teenage boy’s hair with the wrong size of comb, then you probably know exactly what I mean 🙂

Wahl 79400-800

As you can see from the image above, you get just everything that you need. You can also see how the attachment combs are colour coded to avoid mistakes. You get:

1 x Clipper
1 x Blade guard
8 x Attachment combs (grades 1 to 8)
1 x Left ear comb
1 x Right ear comb
1 x Eyebrow and ear trim comb
1 x Barber’s comb
1 x Scissors
2 x Hair clips
1 x Barber’s cape
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Storage case

That is a lot of bits and pieces. The bottom line is that you have all you need to cut your own hair or all of the family’s hair, though personally I would avoid having a go on the wife’s hair. She is a bit touchy that way.

Video review of the Wahl Colour Pro Clipper



Our Recommendation

There are many products out there. Some we need to give a great deal of though to before we would recommend them. With this Wahl set we do not need to do that. These are high quality and they work great.

If your an not sure this is the one for you just check out our Wahl hair clipper top 10 review.

I have owned these and bought them a few years ago when my family was younger. They work a treat and other buyers at Amazon would agree with me. Here is what one buyer said:

I am a professional hairdresser and i have bought these clippers, they are excellent value for money, I love the colour coded guards, and that you get ear guards, eyebrow guards, cape and plenty of other accessories. Overall great buy.

buy now amazon

So as you can see, you have a good product if you decide to buy these.

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