Wahl Close Cut Hair Clipper Review 

By  Enda

The Wahl Close Cut Hair Clipper is a very popular model and it comes from one of the leading brands, who make only high quality hair clippers.If you are someone who wants a good quality set of clippers to cut hair at home then these will make a very good choice, and according to the reviews so far, you will be pretty thrilled with them.

Wahl have designed these with the "nearly bald" man in mind. They are not exclusively for them though as many guys just like a really close cut. The shortest most clippers can do is to leave around 0.8 mm of hair on the head. These can get all the way down as low as 0.4 mm. That is what gives these clippers their name.

Please be aware that these are at the higher-price point and will cost around £70. This is the number one product on our Top 10 list in terms of ratings, and gets a solid 4.1 out of 5 stars by actual buyers of the product over at Amazon. For those of you who don't have time to read my full review below, I have done a quick guide which you can read just below.

Quick Guide On The Close Cut Model

At the time of writing there are around 150 buyer reviews who rate these highly as the ones to buy. These are great for general hair cutting for yourself and also for the family. I have made a short bullet point list that shows the important key features.

Great for doing what are called "buzz cuts"

These cut very close and as low as 0.4 mm - most clippers only got to 0.8 mm

4 cutting lengths

Comfortable feel in the hand

Mains operated only - not cordless

Comes with accessories and a storage case

For those of you who have a little more time, then please read my more detailed review below on the Wahl Close Cut.

Close Cut Hair Clipper Detailed Review

As I mentioned earlier there are a lot of these hair cutting products around. We found at least 200 when we were doing our research.The sad reality is though that many of them do not get great reviews by buyers. If and when we come across the poor products like that, then we will let you know.

The reality is that if you are prepared to spend around £40+ then you can get good quality clippers that will last you for a few years.I have also bought a couple of cheaper ones that I would use when travelling. In the main though for use around the home, then one good set is all you really need.

This is now an established product for home hair cutting and it is attracting some good reviews. It is made by Wahl who do make the best hair clippers on the market in my opinion. This is another one in their product line and it is very good you also get a nice little set of accessories which include scissors, a comb, a cleaning brush and some clipper oil. You will also get 4 combs which I have explained down below in the key features.

Key Features

Comb Cutting Lengths

The Close Cut comes with just 4 combs so be aware of that. Many clipper combs go all the way up to 25 mm. That is not the case with these as they stop at 13 mm. If you want longer hair than that, then these will not work for you. 

Great Blades

These are precision ground blades.Many of the clippers available use blades that slide together and can overlap. Often that can cause minor nipping. These blades have been ground to a very precise measurement which ensures the blades do not overlap at all. The teeth on the blades are very fine and that allows for very >close cutting


They feel nice in the hand and have what are called soft touch inserts to make the handling even better.
One reviewer said, “This set has performed brilliantly, with smooth cutting, no snagging and the blades are still just as sharp.

Customer Buyer Reviews and Scores

This is a high quality set and I like them a lot. As you can imagine the reviews so far have all been very positive. At the time of writing we found around 31 reviews who gave this set an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Overall the reviews on Amazon and other websites are consistently high

One reviewer said this:
"Tried numerous different makes of clippers that have all fallen by the wayside.These are excellent in every way, the build quality is superb, they just feel very solid and there is some weight with them"

You are getting great value for your money with the Close Cut from Wahl. These are very good industry standard clippers that will not let you down. I would not hesitate in recommending these to you because they are high quality and great value for money. If these are not the set for you, then check out our top 10 list of hair clippers for more choices.

A little bit about the Wahl brand

As i have already said, Leo Wahl was the first to invent an electromagnetic hair clipper in 1919 and so the Wahl company began. They were the first to invent many other things such as the vacuum clipper in 1965 and the cordless clipper in 1967.

Wahl products are now available in around 150 countries worldwide under the brands Wahl, Moser, Lister and more recently Groom Ease, with factories in USA, Germany, China and in England.

Certainly the Wahl products are still the choice of the professionals so yu can be sure of a quality product.

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