Best Hair Cutting Accessories

There are a number of useful hair cutting accessories available that will make cutting your own hair, or your family’s hair at home that bit easier. Now we have already reviewed the best hair clippers which you can read by clicking here.

On this page though we will be having a look at the other accessories available. There are a few of these which you might find useful to have. Just remember some of these may already come with the clippers you have bought, so you may not need all of these.

Hairdressing Barber’s Cape

barbers capeMost people will be familiar with these and is simply the cape that will cover your clothes and also prevent most of the cut hair from falling down your neck.

These come in all shapes and sizes, are made from different materials and typically use velcro to hold them on at the neck. These are not that expensive and you can pick them up for around £5.

You can also get hair collars which cover the neck area and the top of the shoulders. These are also sometimes referred to as neck guards.

You can also get what is called a hair catcher, but quite frankly these are useless and hideous. Overall the cape is the best, and when used along with a neck brush is probably the best combination.

The one shown in the image is the best selling cape over at Amazon and is known as the SC02 Salon Barber’s Gown and costs around £7

Neck Brush

neck brushIf you have been to the barbers you will know when they have finished that they will clean your neck with a soft brush and this is called a neck duster. It is a good way of making sure those small hairs don’t make their way down your back. Many of them still do by the way, but these brushes will deal with most of them.

They also help clean the neck. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the bristles are soft and don’t scrape. Some are made from a cheap nylon and those type are useless. Cheaper ones cost about £2-5, and for something good you will pay around £10.

The one above is a good quality one from the Shaving Factory, and used by barbers. It costs just under £10. It certainly looks the part and this is the one I use myself.

Hair Comb

Most sets will come with a comb and usually that is adequate for general use. You can splash out a few pounds and get a professional comb similar to those that you would find in a good barber’s shop.

hair dressing comb

There are a lot of these to pick from and they range from just a few pence and all they way up to around £10. Kent and Denma make the better quality combs.

Kent Brushes NU22

Kent Brushes NU22 Mens Fine toothed Comb in Leather CaseIf you want a good quality comb, then this is the one that I would personally recommend. This is a fine toothed comb that comes with a nice leather case.


This is good quality and very well made.

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Hair Scissors

hairdressing scissorsAgain most clipper sets come with scissors and most of them are good enough. I would recommend buying a better quality professional pair of scissors, as they just do a better job, and will be sharper and stay sharper for longer.

These are not a big investment and will cost between £5-10. If you want a high quality set, then buy scissors made from Japanese steel and these will cost between £15-20.

Just remember these come in both right handed and left handed options so make sure to order the right ones when buying.

sanguine professional hairdressing scissors

These scissors from Sanguine are the best selling hairdresser scissors on the market right now. Over 600 buyers have rated these at 4.8 out of 5 stars, so they are top notch.

You can Read the reviews by clicking here.

Clipper Oil

hair clipper oilIf you own a set of clippers then they will need a little maintenance. A small bottle of oil costs about £3 and will last you for ages. About once every 3 months you just need to add some oil by following the instructions that came with your clippers when you bought them. That will extend their life considerably.

It is always advised to use the oil recommended for your clippers.

Water Spray Bottle

Again you will see these used by hairdressers and barbers when they are cutting hair. You can get a fine mist applied to the hair if it has become to dry and needs dampened, combed and then cut. These cost anything between £2-5.

Hair Trimmers

hair trimmersThese are not the same as hair clippers and people do confuse these. The clippers do the main work of cutting the hair. However if you want really neat and clean lines, then the trimmer does a really excellent job of doing those.

These cost around the same as set of clippers. Some of them are cordless and battery operated and some are corded.

The best way to think of trimmers as they are a finishing tool, that creates a very fine cut and leaves a very clean edge.

Hair Cutting Mirror

hair salon mirrorAny type of small mirror will do the job. There are a few salon style mirrors available for around £6-10 so if you want to look professional why not treat yourself to one of those. They are designed to give a wider angle and they are very clear as well.

Now of course you don’t need these when cutting and barbers just use these to show their customers what their hair looks like from the back.