Wahl Clip N Trim ll Mains Hair Clipper 

By  Enda

The Wahl Clip N Trim II (Model Number 79900-800) is a good choice at an affordable price for sure. You can pick this one up for around £100 depending on where you shop, though its a bit more expensive at the minute and buyers rate this one really highly.

In fact, online buyers in the UK, rate this one on average at 88% customer buying satisfaction, which is a high rating and has remained consistent.

Like many hair clippers this one is powered by mains. What is particularly useful about this one though is that it comes with a built-in trimmer. That is useful for those who like to do the finer details and make the hair cut look really professional. It really does make a big difference

If you are in a hurry just go straight to Wahl Clip N Trim or if you have some time please enjoy the review.

Cutting Lengths

It offers a nice range of cutting lengths from as low as 0.5 mm all the way up to 25 mm and simply because of the power it has, can deal with the thickest of hair.

In fact, those who have taken the time to leave reviews have stated over and over again, that this is a great clipper for dealing with all the different hair types.

If you have used a basic trimmer before, then this would be the next level up from that. As it is from Wahl, the quality of the product is guaranteed. It really is very high quality indeed.

Many professional barbers will use this very product and that should let you know that this one is a very good choice.

Hair Lines and Sideburns

Wahl Clip N TrimIf you are someone who likes neat and tidy hair lines, then the built in precision trimmer on this one is very useful.

Normally when you buy a set of hair clippers, they don’t have anything specific to help you fully finish the cut.

The trimmer on this one is hidden. However when it is popped open, you then find you have a nice set of blades for doing the finer details around any edges, or for your sideburns.

The Price Point

This one is very good vale for money. Not only is it a quality tool, but it also comes with just about everything you need for a professional home haircut. You not only get the set of hair clippers but you also get:

  • 10 attachment combs to cover off all the different grades
  • A barber quality comb and a flat top comb
  • A pair of really sharp scissors
  • A hairdressing cape to stop those cut hairs getting on to your clothes or down the back of your neck
  • Clipper oil and cleaning brush
  • A nice quality storage case.

Check out the video below to see the Clip N Trim in action



Our advice is if you need something of good quality at an affordable and sensible price, then the Wahl Clip N Trim would be a very good purchase. If you don’t think that this is the clipper for you then check our Wahl Hair Clipper Review

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There is a move these days to using cordless clippers and trimmers but this one is corded, so please be aware of that.

At least you will not have to worry about a battery running out when using this one. Thankfully this one also has a decent length cord on it, so you should not be restricted as to where you can use this.

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