Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper 

By  Enda

The Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper has been given an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars according to over 400 buyers on Amazon. So it is clear to see that this is another very good product from this leading brand. It is the joint highest ranked clipper in the Wahl range.

 If you go to Amazon you may get a tad confused (I know I did) as it is showing two different products under the same name. This one gets 4.5 and the other a 3.6 rating. The reason for that is the 3.6 rated one is being shipped out with a European plug making it useless for those living in the UK. (Unless you own an adapter)

So make sure that if you are buying this one that you get the UK version. Just to add to the confusion Wahl also released one called the Super Taper Hair Clipper 2000. That is also a different clipper so just be aware of that. You will find that quite a few clippers have very similar names and product codes so just be careful.

Main Review of the Super Taper

So now that we have dealt with any potential confusion, let's have a look at these in more detail. When a barber picks these as their go to clippers, then you can be sure they have those important qualities. They just want to be able to switch them on, be able to do all types of haircuts, and want them to last forever with little or minimal maintenance. 

This is what you get from this Wahl model. They are powered by a shunt motor for extra power and longevity. As many reviewers have said, "these are what the professionals use." Many of the clippers out there have been aimed at the growing home hair cutting market, and sadly many of them are just rubbish.

I see these all the time and they are unknown brands selling for in and around a tenner. They are completely useless in just about every way that you can imagine and a total waste of ten pounds. If you are going to for a really cheap set, make sure you buy a recognised brand  Now I know these are around the £50 mark, so certainly not cheap, but they work really well and they will last you for many years. If you have never bought and used Wahl clippers before, then you are in for a treat.

85% customer satisfaction from over 7,000+ buyers

These are 8.1 x 19.8 x 25.4 centimetres and weigh just under 1Kg so they are light enought but are a really robust set of clippers.

The blades are made from stainless steel and I'd rank them as professional level

 Super Taper’s convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture for different hair lengths without any hassle of changing the blades or messing about with a range of different size combs

Definitely a good choice for value and quality 

Overall Opinion

Clearly the majority of buyers really liked these a lot. They are from Wahl so you can be assured about their overall quality. Barbers use these and so you know they will last for a long time

I have used these myself and they are very good. I agree that compared with many of the newer ones that these are slightly heavier than I would like them. Other than that, they work great and will be a good buy. If you don't think these are the ones for you why not check out our Best Hair Clipper Reviews for some more options

A little bit about the Wahl brand

As i have already said, Leo Wahl was the first to invent an electromagnetic hair clipper in 1919 and so the Wahl company began. They were the first to invent many other things such as the vacuum clipper in 1965 and the cordless clipper in 1967.

Wahl products are now available in around 150 countries worldwide under the brands Wahl, Moser, Lister and more recently Groom Ease, with factories in USA, Germany, China and in England.

Certainly the Wahl products are still the choice of the professionals so you can be sure of a quality product.

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