Remington HC5880 Hair Clippers UK Review 

By  Enda

This is our review of the Remington HC5880 Indestructible hair clippers.  Well let's be honest it is a great name for a set of clippers so I guess they have got the branding right for sure.
These are not cheap with an RRP of around £60. You can find them though at a tad over £50, if you search around and they really are a top quality set. That makes them well worth considering.
Buyers at Amazon have given these an overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, which is very high, so at least you know you are buying good quality clippers.

Quick HC5880 Specification

High professional cut performance
Corded and Cordless options
Cordless - 4 hours charge time for 2 hours use
Japanese stainless steel
Durable and will last for a very long time
Comes with clippers, 9 straight blades, a left and right ear taper blade, mains charger, blade guard, oil and cleaning brush
Complete with a storage case

So that is the basics out of the way in terms of the important main features. So what are they really like in terms of use and effectiveness? Please read on to find out more about this set of clippers from Remington

Video of the Indestructible Clippers

Many people like to see a video, so we have included one just below.

Sheer Power

Indestructible Hair ClipperThese clippers are super powerful. They are powered by a strong and tough motor, so these will be able to hand any type of hair, or thickness of hair.

Everything about these is made from really tough and durable materials. The casing is tough and the handle is rubber to give you extra grip.

The blades, combs and moving parts are all made from high quality steel. What you hold in your hands is a set of the best clippers that Remington makes. There are many cheaper options out there of course, but this one, is one of the very best in terms of sheer power and quality.

What Buyers Liked About The Remington HC5880

As you can imagine with such high reviews there was a lot to like. I have summarised these main likes just below:

  • The cordless option works great with plenty of power
  • Good selection of attachments (1.5 – 25 mm)
  • Strong and roomy case
  • Easy remove blade system
  • Very quiet when being used

What Buyers Did Not Like About The Remington HC5880

Likewise there was very little not to like. One person commented that they didn’t like to have to change the blades, but I don’t know of any other way to have different hair lengths. All hair clippers have to be adjusted for hair length, and almost always this is done by quickly changing the comb.

Summary & Verdict

You will not be surprised to know that we rate these very highly. The fact that these are cordless and the batteries work great is its main selling point. If you would like to check out our full list of cordless hair clippers, then please click here.

We also have a Best Remington Clipper Review page if you just prefer the Remington brand.

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These Remington clippers come in a good storage case which will hold all the bits and pieces with some ease. The instruction book is clear and easy to read so you will have no bother getting started. The charging cable is about 10 feet long.

As mentioned in the specification it takes around 4 hours for the trimmers to be fully charged, and that will give you 2 hours of full use.

The blades slip on easy and more importantly they stay on. If you have thick hair, these will get through it with no bother at all.

You can wash these to clean them, and they also come with a loop if you prefer to hang them up. Should you decide to buy them, then they come with the clippers, a set of 11 combs, a blade guard, clipper oil, a cleaning brush, case and instructions.

If these are not the ones for you, then please feel free to have a look at our top 10 list of hair clippers in the UK market place.  These rank and rate as good as many other of the top clippers for home hair cutting in the UK.

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