Wahl Balding Hair Clipper Review

Wahl Balding Hair ClipperYou may know already that Wahl are one of the best brands out there for making hair clippers.

This Balding Hair Clipper is right at the very top of the range and over 175 buyers of this product over at Amazon have given these a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

This is an excellent rating so you will not be let down should you decide to buy this set of high quality clippers.

When Wahl brought these clippers out they started a new range and these have been designed for guys who like a really close cut. These are the type that most barbers will use to create that balding look. They will also use it for a really clean cut or clean lines.

In days gone past they would have used a razor to get this look, but not now that these are readily available and affordable. On average they cost around £54, depending on where you make your purchase.

You Can Read More Reviews Over At Amazon

Summary of the Reviews

To save you the trouble of reading through all of the reviews we have summarised these below so can you get an idea of the key benefits of picking these. They are very popular and moving quickly to becoming one of their best sellers in the UK market. They are more expensive than many others on the market. A set of these high quality clippers will set you back close to £54, as previously mentioned.

The Blades

When it comes to high quality hair clippers the bottom line is that it will always come down to the quality of the blades. Wahl have used surgical blades on these with a zero overlap. That means high quality precision and ZERO risk of getting the dreaded plucking of your hair. That is worth noting not just for yourself, but if you also cut your kid’s hair. With these you do get a very smooth cut, and none of the dreaded plucks.

The Almost Bald Look

If you like your cuts close, then this is as close as you can get to a razor shave. One reviewer had this to say

Have tried numerous products from razors to electric shavers etc – this does the job of a close cut excellently

Saving Money

The Wahl Balding clippers will save you a fortune in a very short space of time. If you are someone who just wants to keep a smooth head, then constantly having to shave it yourself, or go to the barbers, can either be simply a nuisance and/or expensive.

These do the job quickly and effectively and they are built to last for a very long time.

PROS of the WAHL Balding

  • The blades are super and they do cut very close
  • Very quiet which I like
  • Easy to maintain and come with the oil and cleaning brush
  • Great for skin fades


  • They are heavier than most clippers
  • They need to be regularly maintained.

Video Review of the Wahl Balding Clippers

Below you will find a useful video review of these clippers in action.

So as you can see this one gets as close as you will ever want to be. It also comes with a guard which is really useful for a clean up. If you skip to around 3.30 in the video you will actually be able to see them being used.

You Can Read More Reviews Over At Amazon

These are heavy clippers but there is no question they are built to last and do an excellent job, which is really what it is all about. The Wahl Balding hair clipper weighs around 862 grams and as such they are light enough to stop you getting pains in your arms when they are being used.

They come with a pre-shave brush, clipper oil and a cleaning brush. If these are not the ones for you, then please feel free to check our top 10 list of hair clippers in the UK.  Please note that these are not cordless. If you like the Wahl range then we recommend reading our Best Wahl Clippers Review

These are about the best clippers you can find to get the razor shave look, if that is what you are after. They are very well made, and you will sense the power of these, as soon as you switch them on.


I enjoy writing reviews on all the latest hair treatment products in the UK. This is a market that is always introducing a variety of new products. Check back often as I am continually updating this website, with the latest hair products.

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